CEINOVO Outdoor expansion training in GuanYin Mountain

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CEINOVO Outdoor expansion training in GuanYin Mountain

In order to strengthen the team building of various departments of the company, further enhance the team cohesion of the company, enhance the sense of identity and responsibility of the employees, and cultivate and exercise the team spirit and cooperation consciousness, Yimeng Special Company organized all the staff to go to Guanyin Mountain in Dongguan for a day of special expansion training activities.

This expansion training around the Guanyin Mountain outdoor expansion site to set up task nodes, all staff in the department as a unit, under the guidance of training coaches, to carry out team cooperation and personal competition.One by one carefully designed subject link has inspired the interest of the people, everyone all the way down to catch up with each other, for the common honor to strive for the first, is not only a test of physical strength, but also a competition of intelligence, but also a contest of will.The competition between the players is more fuelling and encouraging, and we are constantly sharing the joy of success during the journey, showing the strong struggle of the employees of CEINOVO, and the spirit of the spirit.

From a small game, mapped to a series of links in the work of communication, implementation, planning and so on, so that we can deeply understand the importance of the team in the work, the importance of cooperation and execution, the importance of communication and expression ability, effectively enhance the cohesion of everyone, and take a solid step towards forging a market-oriented and professional team for our company.

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