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CE600 General Purpose Inverter

CE 600 General Purpose series frequency inverter is based on the accurately
understanding of CEINOVO, inheriting the consistent pursuit
of CEINOVO for high-quality, high reliability.

Perfect Performance

  • CE15 is first class frequency inverter with very strong software and hardware
  • It has servo drive feature, with perfect speed control mode, and excellent torque control mode
  • It can save 2 group motor parameters, and can drive synchronous motor and asynchronous motor
  • It has vector control(SVC), vector control +PG; V/F control and V/F separation control
  • It has 49 kinds digital input functions and 38 kinds digital output functions
  • It has S curve of acceleration and deceleration, user can self defined S curve turning time
  • The IGBT carrier frequency can auto adjustment according to heatsink temperature
  • 35 kinds protection function, including auto detecting short circuit after power on
  • Input range: 1PH 220~240V; 3PH 220~690V
  • Output frequency range: V/F(0~3200Hz); SVC(0~300Hz)
  • Including textile swing frequency and skip frequency function, etc
  • Overload capacity: 60s with 150% of rated current, 3s with 180% of rated current
  • All model built-in RS485 communication interface and approved by CE.

Technical Specification

Item Specifications
Standard functions Maximum frequency Vector control: 0~320 Hz

V/F control: 0~3200 Hz

Carrier frequency 0.5–16 kHz (The carrier frequency is automatically adjusted based on the   load features.)
Input frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01 Hz

Analog setting: maximum frequency x 0.025%

Control mode Sensor-less vector control (SVC)

Closed-loop vector control (FVC)(

PG card

Voltage/Frequency (V/F) control

Startup torque

G type: 0.5 Hz/150% (SVC); 0 Hz/180% (FVC)

P type: 0.5 Hz/100%

Speed range 1:100 (SVC) 1:1000(FVC)
Speed stability accuracy ± 0.5% (SVC) ± 0.02% (FVC)
Torque control accuracy ± 10% (SVC) ± 5% (FVC)
Overload capacity G type: 60s for 150% of the rated current, 3s for 180% of the rated   current

>P type: 60s for 120% of the rated current, 3s for 150% of the rated   current

Torque boost

Auto boost

Manual boost 0.1%~30.0%

V/F curve

Straight-line V/F curve

Multi-point V/F curve

N-power V/F curve (1.2-power, 1.4-power, 1.6-power, 1.8-power, square)

V/F separation Two types: complete separation; half separation
Acceleration/deceleration curve

Straight-line ramp

S-curve ramp

Four groups of acceleration/deceleration time with the range of   0.0s~65000s

DC braking

DC braking frequency: 0.00 Hz ~ maximum frequency

Braking time: 0.0s~36.0s

Braking trigger current value: 0.0%~100.0%

JOG control

JOG frequency range: 0.00Hz~50.00 Hz

JOG acceleration/deceleration time: 0.00s~6500.0s

Built-in simple PLC, multiple speeds It realizes up to 16 speeds via the simple PLC function or combination   of DI terminal states.
Built-in PID It realizes closed loop control system easily.
Auto voltage regulation (AVR) It can keep constant output voltage automatically when the mains voltage   fluctuation.
Overvoltage/ Over current stall control The current and voltage are limited automatically during the running   process so as to avoid frequently tripping due to overvoltage / over current.
Rapid current limit function It can auto limit running current of frequency inverter to avoid   frequently tripping.
Torque limit and control (Excavator characteristics) It can limit the torque automatically and   prevent frequently over current tripping during the running process.

Torque control can be implemented in the VC mode.

Individualized functions High performance Control of asynchronous motor and synchronous motor are implemented   through the high-performance current vector control technology.
Instant power off not stop The load feedback energy compensates the voltage reduction so that the   frequency inverter can continue to run for a short time.
Rapid current limit To avoid frequently over current faults of the frequency inverter.
Virtual I/O Five groups of virtual DI/DO can realize simple logic control.
Timing control Time range: 0.0~6500.0 minutes
Multi-motor switchover Two motors can be switched by two groups of motor parameters.
Multiple communication protocols It supports communication bus via Modbus-RTU, PROFIBUS-DP, CANlink and   CANopen.
Motor overheat protection The optional I/O extension card enables AI3 to receive the motor   temperature sensor input (PT100, PT1000) so as to realize motor overheat   protection.
Multiple encoder types It supports various encoders such as differential encoder,   open-collector encoder, resolver, UVW encoder, and SIN/ COS encoder.
Advanced background software It supports the operation of frequency inverter parameters and virtual   oscillograph function, by which the state of frequency inverter can be   monitored.
RUN Running command giving key panel; Control terminals; Serial communication port; You can switch   between these giving in various ways.
Frequency giving There are 10 kinds frequency giving: digital setting, analog voltage   setting, analog current setting, pulse setting and serial communication port   setting.

You can switch between these giving in various ways.

Auxiliary frequency giving There are 10 kinds auxiliary frequency giving. It can implement tiny   tuning of auxiliary frequency and frequency synthesis.
Input terminal Standard:

6 digital input (DI) terminals, one   of   which supports up to 100 kHz high-speed pulse input

3 analog input (AI) terminals,   AI1,AI2 support 0V~10 V or 0mA~20mA input, AI3 support -10V~+10V

Expanding capacity:

many DI terminals

Output terminal Standard:

1 high-speed pulse output terminal (open-collector) that supports 0–100   kHz square wave signal output (Can be used as DO output)

2 relay output terminal

2 analog output (AO) terminals, both of them supports 0mA~20mA current   output and 0V~10V voltage output.

Expanding capacity:

many DO terminals

many relay output terminals

Display and keypad operation LED display It displays the parameters.
Parameters copy Optional LCD keypad can copy parameters. (Option)
Key locking and function selection It can lock the keys partially or completely and define the function   range of some keys so as to prevent misoperation.
Protection mode Motor short-circuit detection at power-on, input/output phase loss   protection, over current protection, overvoltage protection, less voltage   protection, overheat protection and overload protection,etc.
Environment Installation location Indoor, no direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil   smoke, vapour, drip or salt.
Altitude Lower than 1000 m
Ambient temperature -10°C~ +40°C (de-rated if the ambient temperature is between 40°C and   50°C)
Humidity Less than 95%RH, without condensing
Vibration Less than 5.9 m/s2 (0.6 g)
Storage temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
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